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The WRITE Affiliates

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"Finding Inspiration at Every Turn"

Special Edition: Iggy Meets Johney
Bathroom Break
Johney Meets Challenges...In the Deep Sink Sea Dive
Time to Lower The Sub
Johney Meets The Mermaids
The Adventures of Iggy Squiggles: Iggy Goes To The Ballet
Getting Excited Before The Show
Mesmerized By The Dancers
They Just Stared At Each Other
Special Edition Cover, Bullseye, The Adventures of Iggy Squiggles
Funny Stories.. Great Friendships...
Getting Dirty on a Farm
Special Edition: Bullseye


The WRITE Affiliates began as a resource facility for authors, writers, libraries and schools. We often worked and still work one on one with writers to hone their craft. We became ghostwriters and still work with other authors bringing their work to fruition. We organized workshops, seminars, and teaching events that helped new young writers get started. Often, schools invited us in to run a youth writing workshop and it was incredible to see how many kids wanted to write books/stories  professionally. We were inspired by this and created our Young Writers' Club.


Through our local library, we meet monthly with local kids who love to write. Together, we all create a middle-grade story that could end up published. Students between the ages of ten and fourteen spend an evening learning all there is to know about writing for middle-grade audiences.  Story development, plot, character development, and even cover design is taught.


The end results include each participant contributing to the story, character development, and cover design and possibly a published book. We are in the process of setting up a similar club online since the pandemic interrupted our last workshop.  Sign up to stay informed of the Young Writer's Club's future agenda.


Currently,  we focus on five main areas of writing. Our company is responsible for the following:


Web Watchdogs, Research, Reading & Reviews, Interviews, Teaching & Training; and, Editing. We also do character art, cover design, and campaigns (publicity). We are responsible for illustrating The Adventures of Iggy Squiggles graphic novels that are currently being rebranded to be reissued as chapter books and new graphic novels instead of picture books. 

Feel free to check out the slide shows about our picture books, early cover design, character art and more!