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Dark Dove Publishing has over 40 years of experience in business and creative endeavors. This includes freelance writing, freelance editing, illustrating, business management, working with publishing houses, publicity firms and distribution companies. Reviewing and structuring manuscripts, mentoring young writers, creating/teaching writing workshops, writing for newspapers/magazines, playwriting, screenplays, producing and directing stage productions, photography, speaking at guest appearances, writing technical specifications, manuals for interior design and decorating, architectural drafting, and more. They publish both nonfiction and fiction genres. Their books target issues like personal growth and development, creativity in the educational system, the performing arts, choreography and teaching dance. They publish genres: romance, fantasy, science fiction, supernatural and paranormal thrillers for adults; and, picture books, chapter books, middle-grade novels/series, graphic novels and young adult for children/teens.

Introducing our first collection belonging to our Ellie Arden Planner Collections. "Seasons"


Dark Dove Publishing has organized your four-quarter world with inspirational quotes, coloring pages to fill creative wells, trackers and challenges to encourage self-care; business trackers, project and social media planners and thought provoking questionnaires. All available to bring discipline to your daily routines. Everything is provided to help you become the best version of you that can possibly be.


As a keepsake, collect all four covers; as a journal, this book will help you focus on becoming stronger and more intuitive about who you are as a woman, mom, friend, lover, and boss. As a planner, this book will guide you through appointments, schedules, projects, and other life demands. Overall, you’ll find 500 pages of fun insightfulness, humor, innovative creativity, and inspirational direction. The artwork will inspire you, the questions will get you thinking, and this book will become a constant companion.