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The other day, I clicked onto a website looking for specifications for a product I needed. I began to read up on the product and found the first error. I dismissed this error, since it does happen when creating a website; you're in a hurry, your fingers get tangled up, you had a long previous night and not enough coffee. Whatever... I continued reading, and yes, I found another error, then another, and even another... I sat back in my chair not only disappointed in the company; but, my focus as a customer changed instantly.


My thoughts were, if they made silly mistakes with spelling/grammar, just how good was their products and services they offered? And, just how professional are they if they didn't take the time to edit their own content BEFORE customers found their site? My reaction may seem strange to you, but the truth is, this commonly affects sales. A company may have a great product, but their presentation of said product was so terrible, customers don't stick around to find this out.

And therein lies the problem. Many times, people create their own websites, or, they hire incompetent individuals to basically handle their livelihoods. We get it! It can be expensive. However, finding silly errors causes customers to reconsider visiting the site, and nine out of ten times, they end up going somewhere else. The company loses a future contact and future income. The last thing a company needs to do is push customers toward their competitors. To avoid this, websites need constant monitoring by competent editors, or watchdogs in our case.


That's where we come in. If you want to have the best customer experience, you need a watchdog to monitor your website, edit mistakes, and ensure error-free content.  Consider hiring us, The WRITE Affiliates. We offer services at a reasonable cost. Contact us for a quote today and get yourself a watchdog now! 

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