J.L. Slipak


Hi, Everyone!

Yup, that's me in 2016! Not bad considering I just had 83% of my stomach removed June 5, 2016 and an impacted gallbladder removed just prior to that.  Apparantly, that annoying little organ wanted to move shop to where my liver was and my liver was having none of it.


When I was in my sixth week of recovery and was doing just fine, or so I thought, I had a heart attack the first week of July 2016.  I feel better now, maybe I was just pushing myself too much, but it's been an interesting road I've journeyed on up to this point--makings of a book in there somewhere!  Anywho, that's me now in the site's header. I think I'm finally doing okay.


So I've been playing catch-up trying to deal with all the papers piled up on my desk, the manuscript submissions for editing that I've received and all my own author responsibilities, including blogging, posting, vlogging, writing my children books' series, etc., NOT to mention, I've begun writing my second installment to the Echoes' Series, Echoes of Madness finally!  But it doesn't end there.


While recouping, I've outlined my last installment to the Echoes' Series, Echoes of Righteousness.  It's been quite the undertaking, writing this particular supernatural thriller trilogy, but I loved every moment of it.  Would I have done things differently? Yes, just one thing-I would have done the covers differently, but eh, it still looks good, people like it and it matches the series. So it's all good. I always say, don't sweat the small stuff. So what do I have planned for my next venture?

Well, I've finished Dial 911-Dead, another thriller only this one is a standalone.  It has a paranormal flava and I had fun writing it.  It's NOT like the Echoes series in the least and I'm happy about that. I wanted to show my love for the things that go bump in the night. Boo-ha-ha-ha... <clear throat>  After my final edit, I'll turn my focus on something entirely new. I've outlined a YA fantasy standalone that reeks Irish lore. I'm excited about this.  I've outlined another standalone, another YA fantasy, that is based in South American lore.


And before my lovely followers get too excited... yes, yes, yes, I am still working on my twelve book fantasy series, A Moment In Time.  I'm on book six.  Once I am happy with what I've done, I'll be publishing one book every six months. It'll be fantastic and I can hardly wait, but, twelve books just don't grow on trees... wait... technically they do, well you know what I mean.

Being a Certified Freelance Writer/Editor and Published Author for a very long time, I've had and continue to have many projects on the go. Having the small publishing company slowly growing along with everything else... It's the life of a writer. Sometimes, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get it all done, but I manage and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world... okay, maybe for world peace...


Be sure to subscribe to this site, so you'll stay up to date on everything, and look to  my blogs for helpful tips on writing. If you have time check me out on Facebook, Twitter and look for my business, The W.R.I.T.E. Affiliates. Drop me a note if you have time, and I will get back to you!  It feels great to be back! Remember: write what you know, know what you write!

Thanks for stopping by!