So on and off, there are events that I am attending or hosting that are open to the public. I'll post them here. Also, book cover reveals and pending publication dates will also be posted here.  Any upcoming book signing events will be listed here too. And lastly, any announcements or availability dates for books or myself for special occasions will be posted here.


Book Cover Reveal: Echoes of Righteousness, Book 3 of the Echoes' Series will be coming soon!


I have posted on this site, one cover example I'm currently pondering over. Until the final reveal date, this cover can still change. Keep checking back for the final decision of the book cover I'm going with for Book 3, Echoes of Righteousness. The final reveal is expected in October, 2017.


I'm Currently In The Process of Scheduling 3 Book Signings. 


Keep checking back for dates!


Echoes of Darkness, Book I, of the Echoes' Series
Is now available for sale under "Books" category of this site! If you like my book, I would greatly appreciate your leaving a book review on AMAZON. HERE


Echoes of Madness, Book II, of the Echoes' Series

I'm currently working on this book and should have it finished by the end of September, to be out in October, 2020 or sooner! I'll keep you posted here, so check back often.


Next Up, Echoes of Righteousness, Final Installment of the Echoes' Series