A much needed genre in this day and age for those who struggle with reading disorders or reading in general. A category of youth publishing that aim at readers in middle grades through to high school who aren't able to read at an age-appropriate level.

Special needs children in today's society are greatly benefiting from this category, making the demand for more books at its highest. Vocabulary and structural standards for hi-lo's may vary from publisher to publisher. This area is open to many new concepts that blends level parameters such as more pictures in a middle-grade format.

"In my opinion, because of the vast range of special needs' situations existing in our populations, there could be an even greater need for disorder specific books that aim ideally on the group of readers' needs. For example: as a mother of a child who has Down syndrome, I have searched for books that specifically deal with issues pertaining to her disorder. My daughter has searched for books that help explain life skills, social avenues and situations, and information about her disorder in terms that she can understand. She has also searched for books that help her integrate into society so she will be accepted easily by her peers. This category of books has helped immensely. I can't stress the need for more books on these subjects by parents just like me. I feel it's a market fairly untapped, and one I've only recently begun to write into."

To hold readers' interest, authors must provide:

  1. a great deal of action and dialogue

  2. Sometimes the use of visual aids

  3. Use a minimum of descriptive writing as possible

  4. Exact and honest writing is a must

  5. Remain positive, encouraging and have solutions clearly outlined.

There's a huge market for the non-book markets available to writers of children's books.

  • There are youth magazines that may cover areas of interest such as health, relationships, sports and academics.

  • There's also screenplay writing for dramatic readings or theatre (drama classes even).

  • Finally, we have the huge areas now available on the Internet aimed around youth organizations whose sites cater to middle/intermediate and high-school boys and girls.

Here's a fascinating article about the subject:


and HERE

HERE'S a great place to pick up some Hi Lo books.

This is an interesting video.

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